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We Found Land!

Updated: Sep 18

Our team in Malawi has been working hard on doing research and looking for potential land for the school. Our aim is to create a school that can be as self sufficient as possible so that means finding land where school, accommodation for teachers and students can be built but also has land left for planting vegetables and fruit trees.

Photo of Dalitso and Clanford with one of the land owners they visited.

Clanford and Dalitso visited 3 different Districts in Malawi: Blantyre Rural, Neno and Mwanza and found few potential lands that would fit the needs ot the school.

We can now start budgeting for the project with the land costs in mind and start to fundraise the money. Thank you Clanford and Dalitso for all you do! Your local knowlegde is so valuable for this project.

Teele Dunkley


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